President Message

Zakir Jadwet
President D-3291 (2011-12)

Presidents message:

As our Club embarks on a Rotary Journey completing 29 years of existence, it is a Dream come true for us for hosting the official Website of the club, in keeping the Rotarian Theme, ” Reach within to embrace humanity”.

It is a personal privilege for myself to be at the helm of the affairs of a club which can still boast of having its Charter President and Charter Secretary as its active Members.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands engage a unique privilege of being more than 1000 KM’s away from the mainland India and our District 3291 and yet being an integral part of it. Being the only Rotary Club here, this Website would provide a gateway to Rotarians and fellow beings alike all over the world to become familiar with our club, its activities, its journey down the memory lane of 29 years and the Islands in general.

Our club enjoys the unique characteristics of being more like an extended Rotary family and in our strive to Service before self we have been adhering to the principle of leading the way to sow the seeds of love by lending a hand to make dreams real.

Let all the children and the less fortunate and less privileged as with the Grace of the Almighty we are fortunate enough to part with our time, energy and resources to make the world a better place to live in.